CityPointe Real Estate Services

Get Thousands of Dollars Cash Back on Your Move!

AAA Moving makes moving easier and more affordable with CityPointe Real Estate Services.

What is CityPointe?

CityPointe® is a real estate agent referral program that gives you the opportunity to earn cash back on the price of your home. Visit their cashback calculator to see how much you could earn on your move.

How Does it Work?

  • First, you’ll register for CityPointe’s cashback program.
  • They’ll then refer you to a number of real estate companies to choose from in order to help sell your current home and find a great new home at your destination. 
  • The cashback that CityPointe provides on your home purchases can be used to reduce or eliminate the cost of moving. Many movers even profit from their relocation! 

Visit CityPointe to learn more about how you can earn cashback on your upcoming move!